Apartments Antines

2 suns

Fam. Bernardi
Ortisei / St. Ulrich - Str. Nevel, 90   
Telephone:  (+39) 04717960... (+39) 0471796043
www.antines.it - info@antines.it
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Summer presentation photo Apartments Antines
Summer presentation photo Apartments Antines Photo of the living room The living area Apartments Antines The living area Apartments Antines The living area Apartments Antines The living area Apartments Antines Photo of the room Apartments Antines Photo of the room Apartments Antines Photo of the balcony Antines
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The apartments Antines are located in a quiet and sunny position in Ortisei/St. Ulrich, near the ski lifts and the hiking paths. The town centre and its popular pedestrian area can be reached in 10-15 minutes along a comfortable and almost flat boardwalk.
These cosy two-room apartments can accommodate up to 2-3 adults or families with small children. They feature separate bedroom, living room with kitchen-corner, bathroom with bath/shower or with shower-box. The apartments on the ground floor offer a big terrace, while the apartments on the second floor have a balcony. Parking place in garage available for the guests.
General informationat 1236m a.s.l., 400m from the bus stop
Facilitiesopen parking space, parking lot in the garage
In room/apt.TV with satellite reception, hairdryer, washing machine, drying rack
Further services for apartmentsseasonal letting, bed linen and towels
InternetWi-Fi gratis in room/apartment
Petsnot allowed
Payment methodsVisa, MasterCard, Maestro, ATM
Bikeinfo, maps and charts for bike excursions
Motorbikemotorcycle parking space in a garage
Skiskiroom with ski boot heater, nearest slopes at 1km, public skibus

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    1 x Apartment 1



    {"S": 2, "M": 2, "B": 0, "N": true, "delimiter": " + "}

    40 m2

    [{"id": "MTR", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}]

    [{"id": "camera", "letti": [{"id": "MTR", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}]
    living room (kitchenette), bathroom (with WC, bath tub, bidet)

    Ground floor: cozy and small apartment consisting of living room with kitchenette (4 gas burners, refrigerator with freezer, coffee machine, cooking and kitchenware set), bedroom, bathroom with tub with shower. Large, sunny terrace facing east with stunning views. Satellite TV, hairdryer, WiFi.

    [0, 1, 2]

    [{"id": 406330, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/406330_zona-giorno.jpg", "width": 533, "height": 400}, {"id": 406331, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/406331_giardino.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 338}, {"id": 406862, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/406862_planimetria-antines-app.jpg", "width": 517, "height": 400}]

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    1 x Apartment 2



    {"S": 3, "M": 4, "B": 0, "N": true, "delimiter": " + "}

    48 m2

    [{"id": "SNG", "qta": 1}, {"id": "MTRL", "qta": 1}, {"id": "DVLS", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}]

    [{"id": "camera", "letti": [{"id": "SNG", "qta": 1}, {"id": "MTRL", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}, {"id": "soggiorno", "letti": [{"id": "DVLS", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": true}]
    bathroom (with WC, shower, bidet)

    Triple room, living room with kitchenette, bathroom with shower, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, washing machine, hairdryer.

    [0, 1]

    [{"id": 111546, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/111546_camera-antines-app.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 215175, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/215175_planimetria-antines-app.jpg", "width": 488, "height": 450}]

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    2 x Apartment 4/5



    {"S": 2, "M": 3, "B": 0, "N": true, "delimiter": " + "}

    45 m2

    [{"id": "MTR", "qta": 1}, {"id": "DVLS", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}]

    [{"id": "camera", "letti": [{"id": "MTR", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}, {"id": "soggiorno", "letti": [{"id": "DVLS", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": true}]
    bathroom (with WC, bath tub, shower, bidet)

    Attic apartment, separate double bedroom, bathroom with shower or bathtub, living room with kitchenette, balcony, parking spot in the garage, digital SAT-TV, laundry, hairdryer, Wi-Fi.

    [0, 1, 2, 3]

    [{"id": 207196, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/207196_zona-giorno.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 33608, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/33608_zona-giorno.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 207197, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/207197_balcone.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 215176, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/215176_planimetria-antines-app.jpg", "width": 449, "height": 450}]

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    1 x Apartment 8



    {"S": 2, "M": 4, "B": 0, "N": true, "delimiter": " + "}

    56 m2

    [{"id": "MTRL", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CST", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}]

    [{"id": "camera", "index": 1, "letti": [{"id": "MTRL", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CLL", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}, {"id": "camera", "index": 2, "letti": [{"id": "CST", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}]
    living area (kitchenette), bathroom (with WC, bath tub, shower, bidet)

    Living room with kitchenette, double bedroom, bedroom with bunk bed, bathroom with bathtub/shower, anteroom, closet, terrace, parking spot at the entrance, glass-ceramic cooking area, dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, hairdryer, satellite TV, Wi-Fi.

    [0, 1, 2, 3]

    [{"id": 156404, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/156404_zona-giorno.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 207203, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/207203_zona-giorno.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 207198, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/207198_camera-antines-app.jpg", "width": 600, "height": 450}, {"id": 215177, "url": "https://images.yesalps.com/hp/13466/215177_planimetria-antines-app.jpg", "width": 365, "height": 450}]

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Apartments Antines
Str. Nevel, 90
Ortisei / St. Ulrich

GPS coordinates
lat: 46.5765° N   lon: 11.6617° E   lat: 46° 34' 35.5'' N   lon: 11° 39' 42.1'' E

Information about the location: at 1236m a.s.l., 400m from the bus stop, nearest slopes at 1km.


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